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The Municipal Archive Gmünd in Kärnten is a small non-profit organisation which strives to preserve documents, books, photos and other media of local importance for the present and future. We also want to share information about local history with others and want to provide insights into our history for everyone so that we can remember our forebears and learn from them.

What the archive is and isn’t

It is important to know what the archive can provide and what it can’t provide. The Municipal Archive Gmünd in Kärnten is a quite new institution. It has not officially opened yet but inquiries are already possible. While Gmünd has been the location of archives for centuries they mostly are preserved elsewhere today. The archive of the dominion Lodron as well as other documents from the public administration are kept at the Carinthian State Archive. The archive of the archidiaconate Gmünd is located at the archive of the diocese of Gurk. Other documents from the time where Gmünd was part of Salzburg are preserved at the archive of the archdiocese of Salzburg. What remains in Gmünd as well as larger private archives are kept in the municipal archive with a focus on contemporary history.

All of our staff are volunteers. We are happy to help with inquiries and provide guidance. However, we cannot offer to conduct research in historical or genealogicial matters. We usually cannot send out copies or reproductions and cannot assist with deciphering documents and translations.

I need…

Please see the section about frequently asked questions below to see if your request is already covered there. Otherwise please contact us (see below).

I have…

You have historic documents or other media from in or around Gmünd and would like to share them with us? This is great and we are very thankful that you consider something like that. Please contact us (see below) to talk about the type and content of documents/media and how we could incorporate them into the archive. This is espically important if it concerns a larger collection. Please avoid sending us things without contacting us first.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m looking for documents of the dominion Lodron.
    Those are preserved at the Carinthian State Archive.
  • I’m searching for documents about baptisms/weddings/deaths also known as church records.
    Records of the Catholic parish of Gmünd prior 1939 and adjacent parishes, records from the Lutheran parish Dornbach prior 1939 and select records of adjacent Lutheran parishes of 1849–1900 are online. Other records of the Lutheran parishes are kept at the parishes themselves. You may contact them via their website. Records after 1939 could be obtained at the register office.
  • Can you conduct research for me?
    We are not able to conduct research in both historic or genealogical matters whether being paid or unpaid. Please contact professional historians or genealogists.
  • Can you send me paper copies or digital reproductions of documents or media?
    Usually we do not send out copies or reproductions. If possible please visit us.
  • Can you help me with deciphering old handwriting?
    We are not able to decipher old handwritings for you. On the internet there are various discussion groups where you could ask and get help.
  • Can you help me with translating documents from Latin and/or German?
    We cannot translate documents for you. Please use the services of professional translators.


We are located in the city of Gmünd in Kärnten at

Kirchgasse 51
9853 Gmünd in Kärnten

You can also contact us via phone at +43 4732 20395 or by e-mail at